LPC is an independent provider of consultancy and human capital development services. Our footprint shows extensive experience in management consulting and human resources development services. Since 2004, the organisation has been operating as a close corporation and in 2012 changed to a private company.

Human Capital Development

In the field of human capital development, we pride ourselves for the ability to simplify complex concepts and ideas to different audiences. We believe that our training is superior because our instructors are also experienced practitioners who can therefore advise based on practical workplace situations. Our training material is prepared in-house and can easily be customised to meet the specific needs of any organisation.

Consulting Services

Our consulting services include the design, development, implementation and impact assessment of organisational development systems and processes. In essence, we provide a full cycle by ensuring the translation of the client’s organisational strategy into measurable outputs.

Our Professional Team

LPC’s professional team consists of individuals who have diverse experience in the fields of organisational development, human resource management and business management. We also take pride in our strategic alliances with other leading consulting firms. Such alliances have enhanced our exposure and service offering to various economic sectors. Our business approach is founded on tried and tested project management principles.

As part of our strategy, we deploy team members with competencies that are relevant to each project and client requirements. Our team takes pride in having rendered services to public entities, the public sector, the private sector, educational institutions and non-profit organisations within and beyond the South African borders.

Our Vision

To enhance the performance of our clients at institutional and individual levels.

It is therefore our mission to:

Understand the business
priorities of each client.

Render a service that aligns with
each client’s business strategy.

Ensure a well-developed human capital that supports the client’s organisational priorities.

Our Values





Service excellence

People development

Professional excellence